IHS Sales

IHS Sales, Inc. is the master rep agency for Livingston Casework.  IHS Sales is owned and managed by Tim Ulmer.  Tim's 41 years experience in the residential and commercial cabinet industry (24 as an owner) gives him an in-depth understanding of the products sold by Livingston Casework. Livingston Casework has chosen IHS Sales to hire and manage all their Independent Sales Representatives.

Livingston Casework

Livingston Casework manufactures and sells commercial casework at wholesale prices through a dealer network.  Livingston Casework gives you the attention to detail and quality workmanship you’re looking for in every project.  Whether your order consist of our standard design “boxes” or includes a special order, custom manufactured item, we strive to maintain consistent quality and service in all that we do.

Originally known as F & W Amusement Company and later F & W Vending Company, the company was founded by Fred and Christine Burks over 70 years ago in Cookeville, Tennessee where it still stands. Conveniently located in central Tennessee, also known as the Upper Cumberland and more recently known as the "Highlands", Fixtur-World is located within a day's drive from 75% of the U.S. population.

Every division and department of the company reflects the vision of Horace Burks, CEO and son of the company's original founders: to provide the best possible quality product and level of service.  Fixtur World, Inc. makes that possible because they have not outgrown their people or their commitment to excellence.

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