Welcome to IHS Sales

IHS Sales is the master sales rep agency for Livingston Casework, a subsidiary of Livingston Furniture, a division of Fixtur World, Inc. 
Livingston Casework manufactures commercial cabinetry, built to AWI Custom Grade Quality Standards that is sold through a network of qualified dealers. 


Why Buy From Livingston Casework?

If You're a Kitchen & Bath Dealer - 

I've never had a source for true commercial grade cabinetry.
Livingston Casework can be that missing link.
When I need commercial cabinets, I buy from a local shop.                  
If so, you're probably buying from your competition.  That local shop is more than likely trying to sell the same project you are and is not going to give you their best price.
I only sell residential projects.                              
Then you're missing out on a great source of additional revenue.  We have the knowledge and the tools to help you navigate the commercial cabinetry marketplace.  Our wholesale pricing is geared toward dealer sales, leaving you room to make a profit from each sale.  

If You Build Your Own Cabinets - 

Do you ever contract for more work than you can produce?
Of course you can pay your employees overtime, but why pay premium wages along with the operating cost of keeping your business open for extended hours.  Unless you anticipated it and calculated overtime cost into your original bid, you're actually paying the profit you expected to make as unnecessary labor and operating cost.  Instead, source your overflow business to Livingston Casework. 
Do your employees make costly mistakes, work slow or are absent often? 
Let Livingston Casework worry about all those things! If we make a mistake, we pay for it.  Employee problems... let them be our problems.
Are you paying premium wages to build "boxes"?            
Many skilled craftsmen are great at building detailed custom cabinets, die walls, etc... but, not so great at building boxes.  But, Livingston Casework builds boxes every day.  That's what we do.
Do you really know how much profit you make on a project? 
Sadly, many cabinet shops don't know they're losing money until it's too late.  They bid the job, build the job, collect the payment and then when an accounting of the job is complete, sometimes as much as a month or two later, hope they made a profit.  If you buy from Livingston Casework, you will know what you cost is before you start the project and you determine the profit margin.  No more guess work!
You feel you can control the job better if you build it "in house".  
Are you really in control?  Read the points made in the previous questions, again.  If you can relate to any of those issues, you might want to consider sourcing some or all of you boxes to Livingston Casework.

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